Spectra S9


  • One-touch suction suction/cycle speed
  • Bright LCD display with timer
  • Stimulation and expression modes
  • 10 suction levels in expression mode
  • 5 suction levels in massage mode
  • Built-in rechargeable battery to pump on-the-go
  • Slim and lightweight design fits easily in diaper bag or purse
  • Built-in rechargeable battery or use AC adapter (included)
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on motor
Qualify through Insurance
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The newly redesigned Spectra S9 is lightweight (1/2 lb), has a stimulation phase, adjustable strength from 70-320mmHg (single pumping), a digital display, hospital grade filter and a rechargeable lithium battery for complete portability.  It’s user friendly with just up and down suction strength buttons and the one button for the letdown phase.  The warranty on the motor is 1 year and the 3 month warranty on the disposable parts.


  • Hospital Grade Filter
  • Adjustable Strength
  • Battery Pack


  1. Sarah M.

    Love this little pump! I have the Spectra S2 as well, and this compact performs at a similar level. Doesn’t hold a battery charge as well as I’d like, but I suppose that’s to be expected. Other than that, no complaints here. Definitely recommend as a backup/travel option.

  2. Carissa S.

    Love the portable pump! It took me a while to figure out what setting works best because it doesny have a speed setting. But once I got it it works well! It just takes a bit longer to pump with this compared to the S1 or S2.

  3. Nicole

    Love the concept. I bought this spectra pump to go with the freemie cups, when it was time to go back to work. The compatibility is spot on for the cups and it’s very convenient at work. I saved almost $150 going this route instead of the full Freemie cup route. I pump at my desk while I work. I thought the pump would be loud, because it’s not that quiet the stronger the vacuum, but i have it in a bag on the side of my chair and no one hears it. I do wish the pump had a clip to clip on my pants and such, being that it’s portable, but it’s not a deal breaker, I glued one on.

  4. Tiff K

    Great travel pump if you’re used to lower settings. This is an effective portable breast pump complement if you regularly use a Spectra s1or s2 on lower settings. I exclusively pump using an S1 when at home, and I bought the S9 for pumping on the go and at work. Since the lower settings (70/3 massage and 54/3-5 Expression) on my S1, the available settings on the S9 worked just as effectively to empty both breasts within 20 minutes. On the S9 you can’t adjust the suction and speed independently, so if you use high suction and high speed, this may not be as effective as the S1 or 2. If however you use lower settings like I do, this will be just fine.

  5. Brooke W.

    This is just ok. For convenience, portability, size, and ease of use I would give 5 stars but it just is not as effective as the S2 (a truly amazing and effective pump). With the S2 I’ll pump 6 ounces every morning and with the let down feature I’ll star getting milk in about 30 seconds. With this pump I can be on the let down setting for 3 minutes before getting anything and I usually don’t get more than 4 ounces. It just does not work as well or efficiently as the S2. It is so nice to have the portability when I’m getting ready in the morning so I’ll still use it. Spectra is an awesome company that produces great pumps for lactating women. The S2 is as good as the hospital grade I use at work but if you aren’t on the go and needing the portability of this little one I would go with the S2.

  6. Sonia Rahangdale

    This was my go to pump for 6 months, yes the suction power was slightly lower than the S2, but the portability made it worth it. One day out of the blue it stopped holding a charge and would only pump when hooked up to the charging cord. Even then the suction power was greatly diminished, rendering it non-functional.

  7. Grace

    BEST PUMP EVER! My insurance gave me the Spectra S2 Plus and anyone who is working/traveling with this pump, it’s like taking around a bowling ball!
    So, I decided to splurge and buy the Spectra Plus 9 Portable/Rechargeable.. and it is the ABSOLUTE BEST PURCHASE EVER. Hands down.
    So easy and light to carry, I can go an entire day without having to recharge ( I pumped 4 times a day, 20-25 minutes each session).
    Suction works just as great as my spectra S2, although it is on the louder side.

  8. V Fernie

    Great for travel. Used it on as travel pump while visiting my family in Europe for a month. I was an exclusive pumper and used the Spectra S1 at home (which is amazing). It does not compare to the big model but it gets the job done. It took me a few times to get adjusted to it. It also helps only pumping one side at the time because then the suction is stronger. Battery power was pretty good as well. I do not recommend it though as main pump for exclusive pumpers.

  9. Lalalara

    Rechargeable battery only lasted two months. I got this pump for my baby shower and I was so excited to pair this with the freemie cups. I am a server and there is no breaks for pumping so I got the rechargeable portable Spectra and the concealable freemie cups. The pump worked awesome for 2 months, but now it won’t recharge and I am stuck plugged into the wall. I contacted Spectra and it took two emails to finally get a response 3 days later and once I told them what happened they wanted a photo of my receipt to use my warranty. I got it as a gift, I don’t have a receipt. So, definitely not happy with this situation. Now I’m going to buy a new, different portable pump.

  10. Jess

    Ineffective. This was great in terms of size and noise level, but if it doesn’t remove any milk, it doesn’t matter. It was completely useless when I took it with me on the plane from the U.S. to Europe. I have the Spectra S2 and love it, but unfortunately this was completely ineffective (as in, I was more effective just hand expressing into the sink, which is what I had to do). As you turn up the suction, the speed decreases significantly (it was fully charged). This made it impossible for me to successfully remove milk. I wish I could return it.

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