Spectra S2


  • Backflow Protection technology protects breast milk and baby from bacteria, mold and viruses while pumping
  • 2 Phase Cycling with Let-Down Button provides adjustable suction and cycling in let-down and expression mode
  • Customizable pump settings to mom’s own response to follow her flow and find her best settings every time
  • Able to be used as a single or double breast pump
  • Pump is designed to be extremely quiet while in use
  • All components that come in touch with milk are BPA-free
  • Powered by an AC Adaptor (included)
  • LCD Display and two-level lighting function
  • Maximum suction strength of 250mmHg
  • Ability to be used as a single or double pump
  • Extremely quiet motor features a ‘massage mode’ — a short, shallow suction setting designed to stimulate mom’s letdown reflex which can then be switched to expression mode for a deeper, slower suction that mimics baby’s nursing rhythm
  • Suction is adjustable in both let-down and expression mode
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The Spectra S2 is hospital grade quality with home grade availability. The pump runs off a dual piston motor which provides strong, efficient, and comfortable suction to each breast independently. It has fully adjustable speed and suction as well as a stimulation phase to encourage milk let-down. The S2 also remembers your last settings and will return to them when you start your next pumping session. As a bonus, Spectra has included a nightlight with 2 brightness settings for less disruptive late-night pumping. Spectra is owned, operated, and staffed by IBCLCs and they offer an exceptional a 2 year warranty on the pump and 3 month warranty on all parts.


  • 2 storage bottles
  • 24 mm flanges (may be exchanged for 28mm or 32mm at no charge if returned unopened)
  • Digital Display with last setting memory
  • Stimulation Phase
  • 2 setting nightlight


  1. Nadia Griffin

    Do not buy. The product is well advertised (which is why I ended up with it) and yet absolutely terrible. With my old pump I was able to pump and work (!!!). This one I have to hold to breats to make it work. And somehow squeeze at the same time. And it leaks, does not screw well on bottles, the list goes on. After 5 months of use only one size suctions. I’ve had a Lansinoh before and it was so much better but alas I decided to try this one. Oh, and how could I forget. It’s a cleaning nightmare and you can’t take it anywhere outside because it does not work on batteries!!!!

  2. Ruth Andrews

    Doesn’t wake anyone! This is so much better than when i rented the medela symphony! It is so quiet and you can find different suction levels and styles to help you get the best pump. I have only used it a month so I will update this if anything changes!

  3. Janae

    Nice pump but that’s it. Great pump, nice and quiet but the bottles and attachments are so leaky. Milk splatters and it appears no matter how tight everything seems there’s still leakage somewhere. Great pump, crappy attachments.

  4. Kailan

    Not portable. I love this pump better than the Medela for sure. Easy to use, love the bottles- my baby drinks from them so thats a plus!
    I love that its quiet and has a built in light.
    Major disappointment and only negative thing about this pump is its not portable. This was the whole reason I chose the Spectra was so I could take it on the go with me! It’s my fault for not reading the difference between the S1 and S2 but since the S2 was the latest model I assumed it was better and had all the features the first one had. It was also a major bummer since I had it on my baby registry and had it bought so I couldn’t exchange it. Thats why I’ll give this pump 3 stars.

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