Lansinoh Signature Pro with Bag


  • 3 Customizable pumping styles and 8 levels of suction maximize milk production
  • Two-Phase Technology — Stimulation and Expression Modes
  • Innovative technology mimics baby’s natural feeding pattern
  • Hygienic design guarantees no milk backup in tubing or motor
  • Independently adjustable suction levels and expression modes
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Can be powered by the AC adapter ( included ) or 6AA batteries ( not included )
  • Standard & Large ComfortFit flanges for ideal suction and fit
  • LCD Screen with timer keeps track of pumping sessions
  • Part of Pump-Store-Feed system
  • Compatible with Lansinoh Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bra
  • BPA and BPS free
Qualify through Insurance
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Designed with enhanced adjustability, this double electric breastpump is the ultimate choice for women who want comfort and flexibility. It can be used as a double electric pump or single electric pump.A hygienic closed system design keeps breastmilk from backing up into the motor or tubing to help prevent mold and bacteria.

Lansinoh’s breastpump provides time-saving pumping efficiency without causing pain or discomfort. Three customizable pumping styles and eight different suction levels allow selection of the perfect settings for comfort and maximum milk production. It’s perfect for busy moms.

Moms can also pump directly into Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags with the use of any Lansinoh pump to save precious breastmilk and time..

  • Let-down phase for optimal milk expression
  • Fully adjustable speed and suction with 3 pumping rhythms to mimic baby’s feeding patterns
  • Compact with AA battery power option for complete portability
  • Digital display including timer to monitor pumping sessions
  • Maximum hygiene filters which guarantees no milk back-up


  1. Kayly

    ABSOLUTELY DO NOT BUY GET THIS PUMP!!!!! I have tried absolutely everything and there is zero suction. So if you want a useless piece of junk, then get this. If you want an actual breast pump, literally get anything else.

  2. R.d.

    I purchased one of your Lansing Smartpump on 6/18/2019. My wife opened the product and set it up according to instructions. The pump worked three times and stopped suctioning correctly. I read all instructions and took everything apart and reassembled it and it did not regain its suctioning strength. I took it back to Walmart and they informed me that pump could not be returned back to them because it is a hygiene issue. They informed me to contact the manufacturer. Today is 6/19/2019 I have had pump less then 24hrs and am extremely disappointed and dissatisfied. I have tried contacting this company to no avail by phone and by email.

  3. Disappointed

    I regularly clean my breast pump so that it doesn’t grow bacteria. I use it properly and have it in a safe spot so it doesn’t get damaged. Well my daughter is only a month and 4 days old and I got my pump when she was already 2 weeks. This pump has already lost suction! I have to finagle the pump around in order get any kind of suction and it usually doesn’t even last very long. I bought it for the app which I was excited about but I quickly realized I could have done this with ANY breast pump. Oy vey. I’m glad my insurance paid for it because I will probably NEVER pay for this one again. Next time I’ll do more research.

  4. Tj

    This pump was compact which is what I was looking for. Right out of the box the ac adapter would not work with pump with or without batteries. Put batteries in pump and it turned on, plug the ac adapter in and it would shut it off. Went through batteries very quickly, barely any suction. Emailed the company and heard nothing back. I have a manual pump that I get double if not triple the breast milk that I never got from this pump!

  5. Nicole

    I am exclusively pumping so this is great for that. However, It’d be nice to have different size flanges for future models. The standard flange included with this pump was too large for me. In submitting this review, I am participating in the Lansinoh Summer Promo.

  6. Jesssss

    I have the amedaelectrc pump and I do not like it, when I ordered this one omg ! It is a life changer ! In submitting this review, I am participating in the Lansinoh Summer Promo.

  7. Jess9955

    This pump has been the best . I had the ameda pump which sucked . And I an exclusive breast pumper and I get so much out of pumping with this one !

  8. Nursing Mom

    I love this item. It has come in very handy especially when I have things I need to get accomplished as it allows someone to help me during the day. It has also allowed me to return to work and continue to nurse rather than having to switch to formula. Great product, easy to use and very efficient. The hands free bra is extremely helpful and allows you to be able to multitask. I only wish the pump offered by my insurance company came with a pump case to make it easier to transport.

  9. Betzy

    My sister gave this product to me and I love it it’s small and works perfect

  10. Dart

    Overall, I’m okay with the actual pump, but the attachments I have problems with. It’s convenient to be able to use batteries if not around an outlet. Although I notice that the suction isn’t has good on batteries, but that’s expect. It’s small/light enough that I carry to/from work everyday. I wish the tubing was a bit longer. It would make working while pumping easier. Also the little plastic connector for the tubing is delicate, especially if you switch often from double pumping to single pumping. Pumping into bags is also nice, but this is also my biggest issue with it. Many bags (as in every third or fourth one in the current pack I have) have a small hole in it. The hole is near the top, so it doesn’t leak pumping into the bag. However, once you close it up and the milk hits near the closure out it drips. Lansinoh did send me a new set of bags when I complained about this, but that set had holes too. This is honestly the reason for 3 stars and why I probably won’t be getting another Lansinoh pump with my next child. Pumping is enough of a time suck that I don’t need to add to it by have to pour milk into new bags, which is what happens EVERYDAY I pump. If you don’t plan on using these bags, then I would recommend this pump. In submitting this review, I am participating in the Lansinoh Summer Promo

  11. Cat

    I like the strength of the suction. My first pump was great, but too gentle (Spectra). This second time around, I needed more power which this pump delivers. I wish it came with two sets of flanges to give moms more options. I am disappointed that this website does not provide small flanges (21mm) for their product.

  12. Kdra Rae

    My pump works very well! It is easy to take apart and clean. It has helped increase my milk production, and relieve occasional engorgement. My only problems with the pump are in the cons section. Overall the pump is easy to use. I have never used another pump, but I am really happy with this pump and would happily use it again if I had another baby in the future. I love that I can pump into the freezer bags!! I also love that Lansinoh works with MAM bottles, which are my babies favorite (when he takes a bottle that is) so it is perfect, and I can pump into those as well and use my MAM nipples on my Lansinoh bottles!! Really this pump has just been awesome and worked great for baby and I!!

  13. Okie Twins Mom

    I was gifted this in addition to the pump provided for me by my insurance company and I, honestly, preferred this one for day time use. I kept the other one for overnight pumps and this one sounds a bit like two chatty ducks in the wee hours of the morning but for the most part this little work horse did what it needed to do when it needed to do it. Easy to use, assemble and clean. Would recommend for first time breast feeders in a heart beat.

  14. Britt

    I’m a stay at home mom who pumps for the occasional bottle. I typically pump once a day. I’ve used this pump for 9 months now and it has served its purpose quite well. I have noticed a slight decrease in pump strength in that time. I don’t think this pump would be enough for exclusive pumping. But overall, this has been a good pump.

  15. MrsApril

    I really like the pump just wished when I used the battery as a source of power it wouldn’t drain the power so quickly I can barely finish one side before it dies out.

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