Ardo Melia

  • Free for most insurances
  • Massage Mode for More Milk: Stimulates a faster letdown with a soothing massage mode that triggers oxytocin release, ensuring a more efficient pumping session.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Rechargeable battery offers over 100 minutes of uninterrupted pumping time, with a faster full charge in just 2 hours, outperforming competitors.
  • Powerful Suction: Robust suction strength of 260mmHg and adjustable cycles (speed) ranging from 32 to 143 per minute.
  • Convenient Memory Function: Automatically saves and recalls your preferred settings for suction strength and speed, providing a personalized and hassle-free pumping experience every time.
  • Ultra Discreet and Portable: Hands-free, no tubes or cords, easy-to-clean design that’s dishwasher safe, with 6 oz leak-resistant containers and included 24mm & 19mm silicone inserts for convenience on the go.

In the Box

  • Pump motor (x2)
  • 2 Milk Collector Cups (x2)
  • 24 mm flanges (x2)
  • Lip valves (x2)
  • Bra Strap Adjustments (x2)
  • 6 Silicone Diaphragm (x2)
  • Silicone Inserts 19mm (x2)
  • USB C Charging Cable
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Experience the ultimate in convenience and efficiency with the Ardo Melia Wearable, Hands-Free Breast Pump. Designed with the modern mom in mind, this wearable hospital-grade breast pump offers a seamless and comfortable pumping experience wherever you are.

The Ardo Melia features an innovative massage mode that stimulates your breasts to release oxytocin, helping create a quick letdown. With a powerful rechargeable battery that provides over 100 minutes of runtime and charges fully in just 2 hours, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted and efficient pumping sessions.

With its robust suction strength of 260mmHg and adjustable cycles (speed) ranging from 32 to 143 per minute, the Ardo Melia ensures effective pumping tailored to your needs. The built-in memory function saves your preferred settings suction and speed, making each session personalized and hassle-free.

This ultra-discreet, portable breast pump is designed for hands-free use, free from cumbersome tubes and cords. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe, featuring leak-resistant containers that hold up to 6 ounces of milk. The Ardo Melia includes 24mm and 19mm silicone inserts to ensure a comfortable fit, with additional sizes available.

Track your session duration with the convenient timer, and use the let-down button to stimulate faster milk flow by mimicking your baby’s initial rapid sucking action. With suction and cycle settings that can be independently adjusted (15 total settings), the Ardo Melia provides unparalleled customization.

Backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and an extended guarantee for up to 400 hours of use, the Ardo Melia is a reliable and essential companion for breastfeeding mothers. Enjoy the freedom, efficiency, and comfort that comes with the Ardo Melia Wearable, Hands-Free Breast Pump.


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