Ardo Alyssa Hands-Free

The Ardo Alyssa Hands-Free us is a compact (1lb), easy-to-use and innovative electric breast pump with built-in battery and hospital strength of 250mmHg, whether single or double pumping. Ardo Hands-Free Alyssa breast milk collection cups are the perfect solution to streamline your breast pumping routine and make pumping even more convenient! Each cup holds up to 6 oz and effortlessly fits in your bra, eliminating the need for holding traditional pump flanges and freeing up your hands for other tasks. What’s more, the Ardo Alyssa hands-free is the world’s only breast pump to feature an automatic Power Pumping function that mimics cluster feeding, which is shown to increase milk supply. In addition, the Ardo Alyssa Hands-Free Memory Plus function allows you to save your pumping session, including settings, pump time, and stimulation/let down selection.  Thanks to its high cycles and vacuum, Ardo Alyssa Hands-Free is the world’s first Personal NICU Pump for mothers of preemie babies.  With its integrated battery, Ardo Alyssa Hands-Free gives breast pumpers the flexibility to pump anywhere, anytime, for 8 pump sessions.

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Ardo Alyssa Hands-Free Hospital-Grade Breast Pum, Wearable Cups, Swiss Made, Rechargeable – Medical Grade Breast Pump with Memory Function, Built in Power Pumping, MyArdo App – Mimics Baby’s Natural Feeding Patterns

About this item

  • HANDS-FREE & STRONG SUCTION: Discreetly pump anytime, anywhere with Ardo Hands-Free Alyss breast pump. Each wearable cup is easy to slip into your bra and go about your day! Ardo Alyssa Hands-Free has a strong suction to maximize milk output. Each cup holds up to 6 oz.
  • AUTOMATIC POWER PUMPING INCREASES MILK SUPPLY: Ardo Alyssa Hands-Free is the only breast pump with a built-in automatic Power Pumping function. The Power Pumping function, with pre-set phases and pauses, helps your body significantly increase your milk supply by mimicking your babie’s natural cluster feeding.
  • REPLAY BUTTON: Personalized pumping at the touch of a button, the Memory Plus function saves your complete pumping session, settings, and time, so you can repeat with every use.
  • CONTROL FROM MYARDO APP: MyArdo app allows controlling the Ardo Alyssa Hands-Free comfortably from your phone. Vacuum modes and cycle levels, Memory Plus or Power Pumping can be controlled on iPhone or Android mobile. Additionally, the app offers important information on breast pump functions as well as useful tips on pumping.
  • RECHARGABLE BUILT IN BATTERY: The portable Alyssa Hands-Free pump can be used cordless at home, at work, and in any place independently without the need for electricity. This is great for travel or on the go. A fully charged battery allows to pump up to 8 times.
  • THE PERSONAL NICU PUMP: The Alyssa Hands-Free hospital-grade breast pump with NICU capabilities is the WORLD’S FIRST personal NICU pump. Alyssa Hands-Free allows mothers of preemie babies to take their personal NICU pump home. Alyssa Hands-Free quickly establishes milk supply so that mothers can have peace-of-mind that their babies get their breastmilk.


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