What Type of Pump Do I Need?

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Which type of breast pump you will need is directly related to the reason why you are pumping. Your pumping needs can range from occasional pumping for engorgement relief to frequent pumping needed to establish a milk supply. Regardless of your reason for pumping, there are several pump types and models available to help meet your needs.

Relieve Engorgement Pain or Sore Nipples

– If you do not plan to express milk for any of your child’s feedings, but would like to be prepared in case you experience painful engorgement or sore nipples.

A breast pump can also be used to draw out flat or inverted nipples before breastfeeding.

Share Feeding with Dad or Enjoy a Night Out

– If you plan to breastfeed majority of the time, but would like to express milk for an occasional feeding to give dad a chance to feed the baby or to leave with a sitter for a night out then a breast pump should be able to meet your basic pumping needs.

Should you decide to express milk more than once or twice a week you may consider using a handheld electric pump, which can make it easier and faster to express milk.

Return to Work

– If you will be returning to work and expressing milk for all or most of your infant’s daily feedings then you will need a quality electric breast pump. A good quality, double electric breast pump can help you to quickly and efficiently express enough milk for all of your infant’s feedings since it allows you to pump both breasts simultaneously.

For moms who will return to work part-time, a handheld electric pump can be used to effectively pump milk for missed feedings.

Need to Build or Increase Supply

– If you need to increase your milk supply, you can use a quality, personal electric pump to frequently express milk and empty your breasts. Double pumping is essential to increasing a low supply because it stimulates the breasts better and signals a need for increased milk production.

For more extreme cases where a mother is having a difficulty maintaining a supply or needs to induce lactation for an adopted baby, a hospital grade pump may be necessary. Hospital grade pumps are available for rent through many hospitals and lactation consultants. Some personal, electric pumps that are available for purchase now feature hospital grade motors as well.

Pumping for a Premature or Sick Infant

– When pumping for a premature or sick infant who is unable to nurse, maintaining a plentiful milk supply is crucial. By using a hospital grade pump, you are able to express milk from both breasts simultaneously. A hospital grade pump is recommended because it is able to provide ample stimulation that is needed to establish and maintain a good milk supply.

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