FREE Breast Pump for WIC Participants

Get Started is proud to be the exclusive provider of the Unimom Opera; the newest pump with hospital-grade technology.

You have a lot to prepare for when you are expecting—that’s why we make getting your free insurance breast pump easy. You don’t even have to give us your personal information to see your selection – just provide your insurance and location information and we’ll handle the rest.

I am thrilled!

“I am thrilled! I just wanted to let you know I’m in love! Got At least 3oz more than average yesterday (usually 9-11oz at 6months, yesterday 14!). Love the alternate mode, ability to pump one side alone, suction is great. Let down mode is fast. Easy to clean and assemble flange part. Nice and light! I am a busy academic gyn onc currently breastfeeding second child. I used Spectra with Freemie cups with my first and baby Buddha with normal flanges thus far with my second. I was graciously allowed to trial the Opera pump at MGH and I’m in love. I love the ability to place in “alternate” mode and pump right and left breast separately back and forth, massage/letdown mode is extremely efficient. Pump is *very* strong but not painful (less “ouch” compared to baby Buddha). Pump is very light-weight. Achieved almost 3-4 oz more than my usual average over the course of my first day of use (admittedly pumped longer than usual as trialing the new pump). I ordered the Opera pump for myself after the very first day of evaluating the Opera through Healthy Baby Essentials (and they are wonderful)!” Amy B., OBGYN

Cut my pumping time down by about half!

“Thank you again for letting me use and review the Unimom pump! I have had a few opportunities to use it now, and really prefer it over my Spectra S2. I have been a loyal Spectra S2 user for a couple of years, and was not sure how the Unimom Opera would compare. But after my first use of the Unimom Opera I was more than impressed. The pump is lightweight and very quiet while in use. I love the fact that it has two motors, and you can adjust the speed and suction settings for each breast. It is so convenient that the pump registers those same settings at the next use. The thing that impressed me the most was that it cut my pumping time down by about half! I was able to pump the same amount (or possibly more) in half the time it would take with my Spectra S2. The bottle stands to prevent tipping are a nice added feature too. Overall, I don’t have any negative things to say about this pump and it will be my number one recommendation to all new moms!” Rose P., IBCLC

This pump is Spectra on steroids"

“I am so happy that I was offered the opportunity to review the Unimom Opera breast pump. I breastfed and pumped for 22 months with my first daughter and I am currently 9.5 months into nursing and pumping for baby number 2. I currently own the Spectra S2, Spectra S9, Medela Sonata, and the Elvie. My very first impression upon opening the box and setting the pump up for use it reminded me a lot of the Spectra S2. However this pump is the Spectra on steroids. It has so much functionality, this could be a pro or a con depending on what the user is looking for in a pump. For someone like myself who benefits from changing up her pump to help maintain and increase a supply this is a huge pro. Chargeable battery is huge if you plan to bring your pump to work. I am able to charge the Opera at home and I am able to get 3-4 pump sessions for a full charge. Not having to pack the charger may not seem like a big deal but when you have limited room to store things and a limited amount of time to pump being able to eliminate a simple step is great. Great suction – the suction on the pump is great. There are multiple levels of suction. I love how this pump remembers your previous settings. Half the time I am too tired or too busy to remember them or change them. Not only does this pump have a massage and expression mode it also allows you to pump single left, single right, synchronized, and alternate sides. My FAVORITE feature has to be that you can have different settings for each side. I have been able to get more milk from my “slacker boob” than ever before because I can have a higher suction and cycle on the left then on the right while pumping in the synchronized mode. This is HUGE in my opinion. It’s a closed system- enough said.” Michelle W., RN

It is as advertised-amazing.

“I’ve been using the Opera pump for 3 days now. It is as advertised-amazing. My favorite part is the quick change from double to single and back again. Its also handy that it remembers the previous settings and picks right back up when turning on. A big perk is that it has a long battery life! The video was great coupled with the in box instructions it was very easy to figure out.”

Chaunelle C., Mother of 3

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