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The Imani i1

Double Electric Breast Pump
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The Imani i1

This hospital grade breast pump lets you personalize your pumping session so you can pump out the most milk you can.

Adjust the speed and pressure as how you want it—go slow if you feel more sensitive, or turn it up to the maximum comfort level if you want a stronger suction strength.

Best used at home with its adjustable lighting that comes in handy at night.

2 Modes

Massage and Expression


Adjustable controls

Choose the speed and pressure you want.

Night light

Adjustable lighting that comes in handy at night


Protect milk from contamination


emits a quiet, barely there hum

BPA Free

Made with BPA free material


Remembers your last pumping session history

Need to Pump at Night?

Let i1’s soft light and quiet, barely there hum accompany you in your pumping session.

Personalize your session

With i1’s pressure and circulation level control, you can go slow if you feel more sensitive, or turn it up to the maximum comfort level if you want a stronger suction strength .


  • Massage Mode Cycle : 2 Levels available (70~80 times/min)

  • Breast Pumping Mode Cycle : 6Levels (30~55 times/min)

Suction / Pressure Level

  • Pressure in Massage Mode : 6 levels available (80~200mmHg)

  • Pressure in Breast Pumping Mode : 12 Levels available 80~320mmHg)

Technical Details

  • Portable: No
  • Memory Function: Yes
  • Rechargeable: No
  • With backflow prevention design: Yes
  • Modes: 2 (Massage, Pump)
  • Breastshield: PP
  • Default flange included: 24mm
  • Running time: N/A
  • Charging time: N/A
  • Auto-shutoff (in minutes): 30 minutes
  • Digital LED display: Yes
  • Smart Touch Panel: Yes
  • Suction strength (mmhg): max at 320mmhg
  • Battery (mAh): N/A
  • Main pump weight: 1.35 kg
  • Charging cable: 12V2A adapter

What’s Included

  • Main body x 1
  • Adaptor x 1
  • Air hose hub x 1
  • Milk Connector x 2
  • Protector Cup x 2
  • Valve x 2
  • Protector x 2
  • Connector x 1
  • Breast shield (24mm) x 2
  • Manual x 1
  • Breast milk storage bags x 30

About Us

Our program at Healthy Baby Essentials will work directly with the lactation staff to assist new moms in obtaining a breast pump. For the new family, Healthy Baby Essentials can eliminate the time and inconvenience associated with notifying your insurance company and any paperwork involved. We can also eliminate any delay in receiving a breast pump.


At Healthy Baby Essentials, Inc, we take great pride in our ability to provide the best equipment & service possible. We strive to meet every patient’s individual needs. To us, only the highest level of service is satisfactory. We achieve this level of service by our attention to these important aspects of Home Health Care.

Our Mission

Healthy Baby Essentials’ mission is to provide quality breast pumps throughout New England. Our customer oriented philosophy is reflected in the caring and professional manner in which we deliver our equipment and services. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.